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ST. Patrick's Night Aurora
The major aurora display on St.Patrick's night 2015 was the best i have ever seen. From the brightness/ intensity of the aurora to the movement and overhead corona, this one will take some beating!! At one stage after 11pm we were surrounded by aurora! it was even stretching into the south overhead which is rare from Ireland. It was jaw-dropping to watch and i found it difficult to concentrate on taking images. Here is a few images for now and i am working on more plus a star-trail from Giants Causeway.

The sea turned green for the 17th March!!

An aurora corona forms overhead during the peak of the display.

Razor sharp beams of light during a later outburst at Giants Causeway
Geminids 2014
I always look forward to the Geminid meteor shower every year. It's one of the best showers and 2014 was set to be good as the moon was waning. The weather has ruined viewing chances on the peak night this past few years and 2014 looked to be no different. With this in mind I decided to try my chances on the 12th - a day before the peak.

The destination was my home area in west Tyrone which has pretty dark skies. This is a wide angle shot with the Samyang 14mm, you can see the first geminid of the night caught on camera above the large tree.

Another Geminid here close to the horizon. Note the green colour in the meteor as it vaporized in our atmosphere.

The above image is a crop from a wide angle shot, check out the geminid burning up close to Orions sword

I stayed out past 4am observing but didn't see a significant number of meteors which was disappointing, perhaps the peak night was much better. I created this star-trail image from over 120 patrol images taken later in the night. There are a few fainter ones but they are lost in the trails. The hunt goes on for that fireball meteor caught on camera...

Loughmacrory Star-trail
Tuesday night was clear so decided to make the trip up to Loughmacrory to take some shots. I haven't tried a star-trail for a while so after some searching for some foreground and a composition i was happy with i set the camera up for a 1 hour trail. 145 images later here is the result.

The water was so calm that night and i picked up some nice reflections as a result, thanks for looking.

Welcome to the homepage of photographer Paul Martin. Here i will be displaying my latest images in relation to severe weather, Aurora and numerous sky events over the skies of Tyrone and Northern Ireland

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