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Fanad Head Lighthouse
This was my first proper photo shoot with the new camera in a dark moonless sky. I have been eager to get back to this location since visiting it during the summer. Fanad Head is one of the more northerly points of County Donegal and at the northern tip stands the iconic Fanad Head Lighthouse. Me and my Photographer buddy Martin McKenna had discussed this area for a night-sky shoot for some time. So Martin, his girlfriend Roisin and i landed at our target area just as darkness was setting in.

This is looking north, one of the first shots of the night.

A little later and the MilkyWay was really bright now. The quality of the dark night sky up here was evident.

We were aware of a small chance of aurora activity on the night and sure enough i caught this green glow on the horizon with subtle red colour above. What was also noticable on the night was the green airglow in the sky, probably the brightest ive ever seen. You can see it above and to the left of the aurora.

Testing out the high ISO on the 6d on the next two images. Looking straight up at the lighthouse and Milkyway with Andromeda Galaxy top of frame - ISO 10,000 20 second exposure.

ISO 12,800 and 15 second exposure on this one, lots of green airglow evident here too.

Check out Orion rising over the hills to the left of the lighthouse. One of the final images from a thrilling shoot at a new location and a return visit is on the cards perhaps with some moolight to play with.

New camera and first light
Some news and i have made a huge change to my gear. Out goes the Nikon D90 and welcome to the Canon 6d! I thought long and hard about this decision over the past few months but the low light capabilities of the 6d sensor could not be passed up. I look forward to the coming months with dark evenings and starry, frosty nights approaching. Also we are entering the new aurora season and fingers crossed for some good northern lights displays this Autumn. This is one of my first shots with the 6d at a local lough outside Omagh. I have paired it with the Samyang 14mm 2.8 for night work and first impressions are good. Keep an eye out for new images in the weeks ahead.

Storm Chasing 7th/8th June
Quite an active day of convective activity and storms for Ireland and the UK. I spent a number of hours at Mullaghmore in Co. Sligo with Martin McKenna and his girlfriend Roisin, watching storms mature and come to life producing impressive hail cores and lightning over the ocean as they moved north. We had a ringside view of these storms from the coastline as the warm sun beamed down. Im gonna add a few images for now as Sunday the 8th has the potential to produce storms as well and i will add anything from it here too.

Thunderstorm over the open ocean

Big storm building over Classiebawn Castle in Mullaghmore with Benbulbin mountain in the background.

Close range pulse storm with interesting structure

This funnel cloud was a nice end to the day, it was short lived and hard to spot against the background cloud, image is enhanced to see the funnel more clearly.

Just time to add this image from Sundays chase. It turned into an impressive day of storms one after the other, some of the structure was amazing, not to mention the constant lightning and large hail from a storm between Omagh and Cookstown - further images coming soon.

Wide angle shot shot with my car on the roadside and the farmhouse with the thunderstorm bearing down..

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