Autumn in Couny Tyrone

On Saturday 27th October i made an early morning trip to the village of Sion Mills. There was an overnight frost and blue skies were forecast for the morning period so i was keen to capture the autumn colours by the river. I arrived on the river bank at 08:00 and was greeted by calm waters and steam rising all along the river. I immediately started watching out for steam devils on the water. They are a rare phenomenon that occur over expanses of water when there is a very cold air over warmer water, conditions that morning weren't quite right but i kept an eye out anyway.

The sun was now high enough to light up some of the great colours in the trees this year. This field was still holding onto a hard ground frost from the night before and provided a nice contrast with the warm leaf colours.

A complete lack of autumn storms has meant the dying leaves have held on longer and produced one of the best autumn displays in years.The low morning sun was ideal to catch the scene in the images above and below.

A few shots from the swinging bridge showing the river flowing to the right on its way to Strabane. The trees lining the left bank were a mixture of yellow, orange and greens in different stages of shedding their leaves.

Frost on fallen leaves, been after a shot like this for a while with a coating of frost on freshly fallen leaves. This one image sums up Autumn for me, thanks for looking.