Convective Skies, 12th/13th April Aurora and ISS

A quick update on the images i've been taking this past week. The start of the week saw the first decent convection and thunderstorms of 2012. N.Ireland didnt fare that well during the week for storms but the south and east coast of Ireland had some good activity, with England having a great week of storms.

On Tuesday the 10th i observed and photographed a few local cells that had impressive updrafts and anvils that were producing hail. Its weather like this that i love to capture, single cell convective showers/storms with dark bases and towering anvils with white sunlit tops surrounded by blue sky.

This impressive looking anvil caught my eye. I hadn't noticed it fifteen minutes earlier so it was certainly growing very quickly and already sported a glaciated anvil.

Heres two 11mm wide angle shots stiched together

Fellow stormchaser and photographer Martin McKenna caught this surprise funnel cloud from the Maghera countryside on Friday the 13th. Check out his image report with more amazing images on his site.

This amazing video has to be the highlight of the week, captured close to Dublin on the Bray coast showing a nicely defined waterspout.

A high speed solar wind stream due on Thursay 12th produced aurora displays that were visible as far south as Mayo in Ireland and maybe further. I was keeping an eye on the aurora charts and noticed high latitudes on red and middle latitudes on yellow which is usually a good indicator that aurora could be visible. I made a trip to the Pigeon top and the first image revealed a low level aurora which had a nice red glow. I was real happy to catch another display but after the recent spectacular northern lights show at the north coast it didn't compare. It was late and i had to be up early, so with a few shots for the record i headed home.

From the Pigeon top showing the green auroral band with diffuse red glow high into the sky. The light pollution from Newtownstewart, Strabane and Derry is very evident as the orange glow on the horizon.

Caught some purple colours in this image

Last nights (14th April) International space station pass. A very bright high pass which i recorded in thirteen consecutive shots and stacked them to produce the final composite image. The ISS will be making a series of passes over the coming week so why not have a look out for it! You can find all the information and exact times for your location on heavens above