May 8th Update-Thunderstorms

A quick update of a few recent images.

May 7th was a very lively day across the UK and Ireland for thunderstorms. Convective potential was good in an environment ripe for storms. The presence of directional shear yesterday meant storms had a longer life and even regenerated at times. Reports of a possible tornado near Oxford, England are being investigated.

I haven't been feeling too well for a few days with a flu virus/bug so i watched the skies from home. There was tonnes of lightning strikes in the Republic from early on but nothing interesting came my way until after 6pm when ominous clouds started to build from the South-west. I watched this pass over and concentrated my attention on a very dark cloud base to my south.

I could see obvious cloud movement and rotation within a section of the base and knew something was going to happen. Out of the swirling clouds appeared this short funnel cloud which tried its best to extend further down but after a minute or two it was gone again. A small short-lived specimen, but good to see a funnel again after nothing last year and only a distant one in 2010.

Another shot taken a short while later and cropped in. Pretty well defined tube on the left edge.

Spotted these really nice mammatus clouds on the underside of a distant anvil. I'd love to get some of these overhead this year!

This was the rear of the storm as it produced a few rumbles off in the direction of Omagh. Some nice hail curtains and a partial rainbow but never saw any lightning strikes.

I was then treated to a beautiful vivid rainbow complete with secondary bow, it really deserved a better foreground.

Nice sunset to end the day

The Republic fared way better throughout the day and some areas saw large hail, lots of cg strikes and impressive storm structure.

Above is two cracking shots by Padraig O'Brien from Naas, County Kildare. The first showing a nice shelf cloud/gust front on an incoming storm and the second showing great whales mouth structure as it passed over. Thanks for these Pad!

More of Padraigs shots, with video and timelapse from others on yesterday's storms can be viewed on the Irish Weather Network Forum

Could be a chance of more aurora over the next few nights as two incoming CMEs are expected on the 9th and 10th. Add to this a high speed solar wind stream due sometime on between May 9-11 and auroras could be back in our skies! Keep an eye out and use the links on my links page to check out the aurora forecast.