Monea Castle Photo Shoot

County Fermanagh has some beautiful castles and they have been on my list for a photo shoot for some time now, so with the recent good weather and clear skies the opportunity presented itself last Tuesday night (11th March). I had messaged Martin McKenna and he was up for it so a plan was hatched, our target was Monea Castle. On arrival the castle was a lovely silhouette against the blue starry sky. As we walked closer to the site we noticed the gibbous moon was doing a great job of illuminating the castle for our photography. We got to taking images and this was the start of a 6 hour+ intense photo shoot in the grounds taking in every angle possible.

Above is a 50mm shot from way back

The atmosphere around the place was magical and there seemed to be an energy pulling you in and keeping us there all night, we didn't want to leave. I got set up for a star-trail on a couple of occasions as the castle has great potential for this kind of shot.

The above image is 157 shots stacked to create the star-trail final composite image. I have another star-trail to process and many more images from this new location to post, i will add them here soon.

Ive just finished processing another Star trail from the night which was taken closer in to the castle. It wasn't possible to get the north star, Polaris in the frame along with all of the castle so had to compromise. I'm still very happy with the result and love doing these star trail images!!

A wide angle shot showing the remains of a tower and perimeter wall that once surrounded the castle

A Shot from earlier in the night