Monea Castle Aurora

An unexpected but beautiful aurora borealis display lit up the skies on 16/17th April. I had arranged a photo shoot with good friend Martin McKenna to the Fermanagh countryside and Monea Castle. We were taking advantage of the recent good weather and clear skies for some much needed night-sky photography. There was a chance of aurora that night but we never expected what was about to happen. A phone call on route to the castle from a friend of ours revealed that the aurora was happening right now! On arrival at location a quick test shot showed aurora behind clouds - these clouds miraculously cleared just in time as the aurora erupted high into the sky with pink and purple curtains of light moving left to right behind the castle. We had talked about getting this shot and here it was happening before our eyes! We couldn't believe how the beams were towering above the castle.

The most intense period lasted maybe 10 minutes if that. We raced around trying to get a few different angles on the castle, the image above is my favourite from the night.

I Like this low down angle on the castle, I have a star-trail image to work on from here.

It was nice to catch this stunning show in a new location and to our knowledge the first time from Monea castle.