New Galleries/Update 1st Feb

I have added three new galleries to the site - storms, floods and atmospheric optics. These are areas i am interested in and hope they compliment the site. It is a work in progress and i will be adding images continually, scroll to the bottom of the home page to view the galleries.

Another Atlantic storm is battering Ireland and the UK with heavy rain, gales and high tides. A number of coastlines along the west and south-west of Ireland have been badly hit again. The storm brought us a brief snowfall last night (31st Jan) but its all gone again today apart from high ground.

January was a quiet month for any sky action and i haven't been out with the camera since the Jan 9th aurora hunt. A new month now and fortunes will change and this weekend a CME glancing blow is expected to hit on the 2nd increasing the chances of aurora. The CME is actually from the same sunspot, AR1944, that created the CME that caused a frenzy on January 9th. It has remained active and rotated back into view, now called AR1967 - it better produce the goods this time around.


NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
Issued: 2014 Feb 01 0030 UTC

Geospace Forecast:

The geomagnetic field is expected to be mostly quiet on day 1 (01 Feb).
A glancing blow from the 30 Jan CME is expected to arrive around mid-day
on day 2 (02 Feb) causing unsettled to minor storm (G1-Minor)
conditions. Three CME characterizations and WSA-Enlil model runs were
conducted. The run with the most westerly origin brought the CME in
late on 01 Feb, representing the earliest possible arrival. The run
with the lowest speed brought the CME in almost 24 hours later.

Solar wind Forecast:

Solar wind parameters are expected to continue at nominal levels through
approximately mid day on Day 2 (02 Feb), when a glancing blow from
the 30 Jan CME is expected to enhance the solar wind.