NLC season underway and International space station in our skies again

I haven''t updated the site for a while now as ive been pretty busy with other stuff and there hasn''t been much happening in the skies this past few weeks.

I have been keeping an eye out for Noctilucent clouds on any clear nights and have spotted my first sighting of 2012 in the early hours of June 4th, it was very low on the horizon in the NNE and although I did take a few shots they are not worth posting. Instead i will show a few images from others hunting these elusive and wonderful clouds from Northern Ireland.

Heres a great image from John McConnell from June 2nd showing some nice structure to the NLCs. John is one of the best at catching the noctilucent clouds and has many years experience of observing and photographing them. Check out his Flicker page to see more amazing NLCs and astronomy images.

On the same night Martin McKenna captured this stunning image outside Maghera showing the same great detail and structure within the NLCs. Check out Martins brilliant website, Nightskyhunter for loads more images and reports.

I will be watching out for more displays in the weeks ahead especially around the summer soltice when impressive sightings have been recorded in the past.

The international Space station is making a number of passes over the UK and Ireland this week and i was out on the 4th and 10th to watch and photograph it as it graced our skies at 17,227mph.

June 4th pass over the full moon which i kept behind the trees

June 10th flyover which was especially bright and high in the sky. This is it appearing from behind the trees in the west.

I then repositioned the camera to catch the second half of the pass as it arched towards the eastern horizon with the moon rising close-by.

The only thing you need to see the ISS is your eyes and a clear sky, you can find details and times for ISS flyovers at your location on the heavens above website, why not have a look!