Noctilucent cloud season begins

I have recorded my first sighting of noctilucent (NLCs) clouds for 2013. I was alerted via Twitter to an extensive early season display and rushed out to capture these beautiful clouds. NLCs or night shining clouds are visible roughly from May til August here in the northern hemisphere but are never predictable. They are thought to form from the interaction of water ice crystals and dust particles (possibly meteor dust too!) and are 50 miles high and only visible when the sun shines on them from between 6 and 16 degrees below the horizon.

I arrived at my chosen location, a small lough not far from town. There's something about aurora or NLCs reflecting off calm waters and this is what i had in mind. I only had 15 minutes to get my shots before they began to fade in brightness and low level cloud was also approaching from the west. The display was very bright and complex, could this be the start of a good NLC season? We will find out soon enough..