I was delighted to see the skies clearing on Friday evening and as soon as it got dark all i could think about was getting the camera into action. This would only be few shots from close to home but it didn't matter, it felt good to out under the stars again. The Venus-Jupiter planet conjunction still looked awesome so took some images and then decided to set up for a short star trail. With the camera firing off continuous 30 second exposures i returned home and let the camera do its thing.

It was only when editing the images later that night for stacking that i came across three frames with meteors in them! Its pretty hard to catch these guys during a meteor shower and here i had three sporadic meteors within a half hour so was well chuffed with that.Slight crop on the above image, its amazing how bright Venus is, with Jupiter below and the meteor above M45(seven sisters)

The second meteor, captured 6 frames (3 minutes) later. This one is a bit special because i learned later that night in a conversation with Martin McKenna that he had caught the exact same meteor from the Glenshane Pass, unreal.

The third meteor, this one is a good bit fainter than the others in the above cropped image.

The final composite image which shows the movement of Venus and Jupiter over a half hour period.