Site update May 17th

A brief update on the past week as there is not a lot happening in the skies recently.

On Monday the 14th there was a convective outlook forecast and the chance of a few thunderstorms breaking out over N. Ireland. I decided to make the forty mile trip to the western shore of lough Neagh and Ballyronan Marina. At the very worst i expected to catch some nice cumulonimbus clouds towering over the vast waters of the lough. Storms can also be invigorated by this large expanse of water and the chance of catching a waterspout is something that will draw me to this location many times over the summer.

On the journey up the Omagh-Cookstown road i just had to pull over and grab a few shots of this cell which was growing in strength all the time. It had a weak shelf cloud and dark base with heavy precipitaton and looked good against the blue sky. I thought this was a good start to the day but little did i know that it was probably the highlight.

Back in the car and heading in the direction of the cell

On arrival at Ballyronan and the skies did not look promising at all. The cloud has closed in and something seemed to be missing in the environment to trigger any storms. Any towers that were going up looked very flat with no height to them and very little structure was visible. Despite this disappointment i got a few shots looking out across the water at darker skies to the East and south.

My favourite shot of the day in a window of sunshine with the wide angle lens.

Noctilucent cloud season is not to far away now and i can't wait to see these elusive and beautiful clouds in the up-coming summer nights. Its hard to beat standing out in a T-shirt at two in the morning shooting NLCs with not a care in world. This season i would like to make a trip to the north coast to catch them over some interesting foregrounds, definitely something to look forward to!

Heres one from last year taken at Loughmacrory