Storm chasing/severe weather Gallery

A selection of weather/storm images from over the years

This is where it all started for me, 1st July 2007 Pigeon Top, Omagh and while chasing this storm it dropped a funnel cloud.I watched in awe for almost 10 minutes as the funnel extended towards the ground, changed shape and retreated into the clouds again. Back then all i had was a camera phone so sorry about the quality of these images. I couldn't believe my luck that day, for although i had been chasing the storm i never expected to catch such a classic funnel cloud. That July turned out to be a great month for storms and funnel clouds and i didn't have to wait much longer for my second. My passion for weather and weather photography started here.

This time the funnel cloud came to me while at work in Lisburn. Nice shape to this one and it was much longer at one stage. I actually climbed on the cab of a parked lorry to get this image with the camera phone again

Nice rope funnel at the rear of a thunderstorm cell in Enniskillen on 31st May 2008. Very close range funnel and the rotation was clearly visible-another beauty!