Stormy Christmas weather

The run up to Christmas 2013 has seen a number of deep depressions slamming into the UK and Ireland and as i write another one is expected during the 23/24 December. These storms have brought heavy rain, severe gales and storm force winds especially to western and northern coasts of Ireland. Also inland there has been trees down and power outages and damage to property. My interest in these systems is in the post frontal airmass and potential thunderstorms it threatens.

Met up with good friend and photographer Martin Mckenna on two nights in the hunt for night-time convection and lightning. The first night we had limited results with storms and observed a few flashes but we did get stunning moonlit convective cells and a nice moonbow. Here was the scene at Downhill beach with convective cells over the ocean, Mussenden temple in the background and stars above.

The highlight of the night for us though was finding this gem of a waterfall and shooting it under bright moonlight in this long exposure.

Round two on Saturday the 21st and we were met with more success this time with multiple thunderstorms illuminating the sky to the north and north-west. I caught a few on wide angle lens but got my best capture of the night with the 50mm. The flash of lightning lit up the cell from within and two bolts are also visible hitting the ocean if you zoom in. My goal is to catch a c-g bolt hitting the ocean from a storm out to sea with stars above and its gonna happen one of these days. More storms are possible over the Christmas and New Year period so its worth keeping an eye out for great scenes like this. Thanks to all my followers in 2013, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!