Stunning sunset cells and mammatus August 21st

Tuesday the 21st August was was one of the best days of 2012 for storms across Ireland. Here in N.Ireland the best action happened in the east where there was numerous active thunderstorms. My chance came at 20:10 when i glanced out the window and saw a beauty of a convective cell to my west. It was moving in my general direction and would pass just to my south, it looked solid with a growing anvil and best of all it was being lit up by the setting sun.

This thing was towering into the sky and looked very impressive. There is 10 minutes between the first and third image here and you can see the development on the first updraft and new cells coming to life downwind. I'm not too keen on the builings here in the foreground but i had no time to change locations, however it does give you a sense of scale.

As the stormcloud continued to move east over Omagh town mammatus clouds appeared under the anvil. Mammatus clouds are fairly rare and to catch them here lit up by the golden rays of the setting sun was a treat. I was also hoping to possibly catch a lightning bolt, that would have sealed it but i saw no electrical activity or heard no thunder.

Here's a couple of close-up shots of the mammatus

Meanwhile earlier in the day, friend and stormchaser Martin McKenna got a great reward for his continued dedication to storm chasing when he caught an amazing funnel/possile tornado out over Antrim. Heres a direct link to his report for the day which contains a lot more images and is a must see!