A mad week of Tornadoes and Funnels!

I have never witnessed a week like last week (beginning Monday 11th June) for the shear amount of funnel clouds and even tornadoes that appeared in the skies over Ireland. It all started on Monday when i personally saw and photographed a small funnel cloud rotating above Omagh town. A very dark cloud base was almost stationary and obviously growing in size right over the east of the town. I knew there was a convective outlook and risk of storms for the day so i was watching the skies intently. An area soon caught my interest, it was at very close range, less than a mile away and i could see some possible rotation. Sure enough a small white funnel started to form. It looked great contrasted against the much darker grey/black cloud base. Unfortunately all i had on me was my phone so the images aren't great but i still got a few shots off for the record. It only lasted a few minutes before disappearing back up into the clouds. Here's the shots from the phone camera showing the funnel at different stages.

Although not as dramatic as many other funnel images captured i was pretty happy to get this little guy as these are the ones that are easily missed and tend to go unnoticed.

Shortly after this i began hearing reports of a possible tornado touchdown in Donegal.
Check out this amazing image taken by Paula Doherty in Buncrana showing a beautiful rope tornado.

This is a must see video from Graham Geraghty showing another tornado, this time a brief touchdown on the north Kildare/Meath border on the 12th June. Nice work Graham!

Kieran Donnelly contacted me last week and sent in some brilliant images of two funnel clouds he caught on consecutive days. The first he spotted around 10am in the direction of Plumbridge on Monday. The second image shows a much bigger verticle funnel, Kieran says it lasted around three minutes and he viewed it from home. He went on to say "It was just beyond the ridge of Sawel mountain, the cluster of white houses in bottom right corner is Park village, it was quite impressive from 10 miles away."

So a remarkable week with countless more reports and images of funnel clouds and unconfirmed tornadoes in Ireland, too many to show here. 2012 is shaping up to be the best year since 2009, lets hope this trend continues!

On a different note i managed to see another faint NLC display on 16/17th June as clearance came in from the west before 3am. Faint wisps and herringbone structure were barely visible. Some bigger shows should appear in the weeks ahead.