Image Reports

Halloween Aurora
It's seems like a lifetime since i've witnessed a good aurora display, in fact it was April 2012, that drought ended on 30th/31st October. A stunning visual show on the north coast with a beautiful outburst at Mussenden temple and another short duration peak in activity viewed from the Giants Causeway. More northern lights can't be ruled out in the days ahead as the sun is pretty active at the minute.

UPDATE: Just completed this star-trail image from the night, it's 40 images stacked to show the rotation of the earth over 20 minutes and of course the aurora was dancing on the horizon all the time. Various torches were used to illuminate the temple and bring out the detail in this wonderful building right on the coastline.

Stunning local sunrise
Just wanted to share a few images and a short video i took on the morning of the 7th June. I was returning from an all night photo shoot in search of NLCs when i pulled in at a lough to watch the sunrise. It was just before 5am and nature was wakening up with birds singing, fish rising to feed and mist blowing across the water. Then the sun rose and created an amazing scene, so glad i was there to experience and photograph it.

The video is worth watching to get a feeling of the calmness and great light at this time of the morning, i wish id let it run to catch the sunrise too but i was using the same camera for stills.

Beautiful NLC display June 8/9

NLC season 2013 continues to put on an amazing show with varying displays on many nights this past two weeks. I have been out shooting now three nights in a row and last night was the best yet. A complex display appeared before midnight and carried on right through to dawn. I will probably do a short report to document the early season and bring all the images taken so far together. Here's two for now.
Noctilucent cloud season begins

I have recorded my first sighting of noctilucent (NLCs) clouds for 2013. I was alerted via Twitter to an extensive early season display and rushed out to capture these beautiful clouds. NLCs or night shining clouds are visible roughly from May til August here in the northern hemisphere but are never predictable. They are thought to form from the interaction of water ice crystals and dust particles (possibly meteor dust too!) and are 50 miles high and only visible when the sun shines on them from between 6 and 16 degrees below the horizon.

I arrived at my chosen location, a small lough not far from town. There's something about aurora or NLCs reflecting off calm waters and this is what i had in mind. I only had 15 minutes to get my shots before they began to fade in brightness and low level cloud was also approaching from the west. The display was very bright and complex, could this be the start of a good NLC season? We will find out soon enough..

Unforgettable sunrise and North coast shoot

Met up with good friend Martin McKenna on the evening of the 24th May for what would turn out to be an all night photo shoot at the north coast. We had a few targets in mind, aurora, noctilucent clouds and the planet conjunction, but the weather had other ideas with stubborn cloud cover ruining all these opps. We decided to make our own luck and spent quite some time shooting at Dunluce Castle where some brief breaks in the cloud revealed the twilight glow and made for some cool images. Highlight of the night was definitely a stunning sunrise over the ocean which we almost dismissed and nearly called it a night. It really was the best sunrise and pre-dawn colours i have ever witnessed and what a location to see it! I will do a more detailed report with lots more images for this night

Surprise Aurora 8th August and the Perseid meteor shower

August 8th short image report and a look forward to the Perseids 2012
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Site update May 17th
A few images from a bust storm chase and a look forward to NLC season 2012

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May 8th Update-Thunderstorms
Short update on the thunderstorm activity on May 7th

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Stunning Aurora 23/24 April
An epic Aurora display viewed from Beaghmore Stone Circles with some of the most vivid colours and motion in an aurora i have ever seen. Full Report online

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Convective Skies, 12th/13th April Aurora and ISS

A few images from the past week including convection from Tuesday the 10th, another Aurora display captured from the pigeon Top on the 12th and the International space station pass on Saturday the 14th
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